Engine Oil for Commercial Vehicle

Total offers a wide range of products for transport and public works that include:

Total Engine Oils

There is a complete range for different engine oil types at Total. For high performance, you can choose Total RUBIA TIR and for basic applications, you can choose Total RUBIA FLEET. The range of Total Lubricants increases your engine’s life dynamically keeping it clean and saving you cost. It helps with:

  • Engine Cleanliness
    A dirty engine has reduced life with a tendency to fail earlier. Contaminants and particulate matter hinder the smooth running of an engine, causing wear and corrosion.
  • Engine Wear Protection
    Total Lubricants reduce engine wear by providing a steady film of lubricants between all of the moving parts. This cuts down engine wear as moving parts no longer abrade or deteriorate each other down through friction. This reduced friction also helps keep the engine cool.
  • Exhaust Aftertreatment System Protection
    Total Lubricants are cleaner and produce less particulate pollution. This helps protect the exhaust’s aftertreatment System.

Total Transmission Oils

For automatic gearboxes, manual gearboxes and axles, there is a different range of Total products that can be used. Transmission oils help in maintaining the various parts of your vehicle in order to increase the engine’s life. It helps with:

  • Reduction in The Frequency of Oil Change
    Total Lubricants need to be changed less frequently, saving you money on oil changes.
  • Fuel Economy
    Improved economy means you pay less for fuel.
  • Reduction of Power Loss at Gearbox
    If your gearbox is not properly lubricated, your engine will lose power due to friction. Total Lubricants allow your gearbox to function smoothly.