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TOTAL QUARTZ INEO - the reference among anti-pollution products

Even the most demanding car manufacturers recommend using TOTAL QUARTZ INEO engine lubricants, whatever your driving style or use. TOTAL QUARTZ INEO is composed of synthetic lubricants that are designed for optimal performance.
TOTAL QUARTZ INEO also helps you reduce your car’s environmental impact. Thanks to TOTAL QUARTZ INEO products, the de-pollution systems fitted on the latest engines can keep operating at full speed, enabling them to effectively reduce your car’s pollutant emissions. Post-treatment systems, which can be sensitive to lubricants and expensive to maintain, are protected in the long term thanks to INEO’s low SAPS formulations. And this lubricant has another environmental benefit: lower fuel consumption.The benefits for you

  • Enhances post-treatment system performance
  • Reduces maintenance costs for your car
  • Reduces your car’s fuel consumption and pollutant emissions
  • Is suited to all types of use, even the most intensive

Above and beyond
In wear tests, TOTAL QUARTZ INEO MC3 5W-30 obtained results that exceeded ACEA requirements
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