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With our passion for engines, mechanics, motorsports , two- and four-wheelers of all kinds, how could we stop at selling oils? At TOTAL Lubrifiants, we apply our expertise to provide you with the highest quality services too. Whatever car or motorcycle you own, you are putting your vehicle in good hands when you place your trust in a TOTAL Lubrifiants technical expert. Our objective? 100% satisfaction. Discover our top-notch services for cars and motorcycles.

RAPID OIL CHANGE or Quartz Pitstop for your car

We are here to help you take excellent care of your vehicle. Established throughout the world, we have 300 service centers across five continents.

Take advantage of TOTAL Lubrifiants expertise at [RAPID OIL CHANGE or Quartz Pitstop] stations, providing the very best in lubricant know-how!
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TOTAL Quartz Pitstop

Total Quartz Pitstop concept, a name synonymous with quick and effective service including an oil change, aims at marketing & branding dealer outlets and oil change locations which are multi-branded. Quartz Pitstops are express service outlet that can guide you into selecting most suitable Lubricants for your car. Customers will benefit from the professional and transparent approach in terms of scope of work, delivery schedule and cost implications.

Services at the PitStops can include the following:

  1. Express Oil Change
  2. Guidance in terms of selecting most suitable Lubricants
  3. Value added services- battery, tyres, minor repairs etc.
  4. Enjoy the benefits of Sales promotion and Free Service Check ups

Currently, there are two Pitstops in Jeddah, one in Riyadh and one in Dammam. The plan is to expand the concept in other areas like the Southern and Northern region.


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